What People Say


"After trying several other products and getting a few grey hair myself from struggling, I looked on the Internet for solutions. I came across your website and immediately contacted you regarding your product. You sent me your product and I immediately started using it. It does not smell bad or irritate the children and it is easy to use. After the second time I applied the product the problem was a thing of the past and until now our "friends" have not returned. I still spray the product on both my childrens hair once a month as a preventative measure. I will order another bottle or two in the new year and tell everyone about your product. "


"I just want to say what an excellent product Ekstrakta is. From now on I will only use Ekstrakta on my children s hair. I didnt know what to do. I tried everything on my two year olds hair and she was always crying. I tried Ekstrakta and it is really like the slogan says. It works without tears. I was so desperate that I googled head lice and I came across Ekstrakta. I decided to use it after i read what other people said about it. I contacted Jan Hoogendyk and he was very helpful and friendly. He posted me the product and I immediately started using it and since then I never looked back. It is so easy to use. In the morning I just spray on the control, the good thing is that it is orderless and not oily so no one knows about it. I have never had a problem with lice and nits again."

Antonia Nienaber

"I am so glad that I came across your product on the internet. I sprayed my daughters head with Ektrakta and combed it. A wonderful thing happened, shes not scratching any more. I am only spraying on the control now and everything seems to be okay. I am really going to recommend your product at the schools here. "

marianna van rooyen

"I think it is a wonderful product. I struggled for months with my two year old. As soon as we got rid of the head lice she picked it up again at school.Since I have been using Ekstrakta she never had head lice again. "

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