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After trying several other products and getting a few grey hair myself from struggling, I looked on the Internet for solutions. I came across your website and immediately contacted you regarding your product. You sent me your product and I immediately started using it. It does not smell bad or irritate the children and it is easy to use. After the second time I applied the product the problem was a thing of the past and until now our "friends" have not returned. I still spray the product on both my childrens hair once a month as a preventative measure. I will order another bottle or two in the new year and tell everyone about your product


I am so glad that I came across your product on the internet. I sprayed my daughters head with Ektrakta and combed it. A wonderful thing happened, shes not scratching any more. I am only spraying on the control now and everything seems to be okay. I am really going to recommend your product at the schools here.

marianna van rooyen

I just want to say what an excellent product Ekstrakta is. From now on I will only use Ekstrakta on my children s hair. I didnt know what to do. I tried everything on my two year olds hair and she was always crying. I tried Ekstrakta and it is really like the slogan says. It works without tears. I was so desperate that I googled head lice and I came across Ekstrakta. I decided to use it after i read what other people said about it. I contacted Jan Hoogendyk and he was very helpful and friendly. He posted me the product and I immediately started using it and since then I never looked back. It is so easy to use. In the morning I just spray on the control, the good thing is that it is orderless and not oily so no one knows about it. I have never had a problem with lice and nits again.

Antonia Nienaber


Ekstrakta is registered with the medical council of South africa and is a 100% natural solution for heal lice and nits problems.

It is made from plant extract and is waterbased, meaning it will not burn skin. There are two products, Eradicate (for the eradication of the head lice) and Control (for prevention).


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Ekstrakta Eradicate

  • Once-off eradication of lice and eggs
  • 100% Natural
  • Water based, plant extract
  • Does not burn scalp
  • Oil helps removal of lice and eggs
  • Approved by medical board


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  • Order both Ekstrakta Eradicate and Ekstrakta Control

Ekstrakta Control

  • Preventative maintenance
  • 100% Natural
  • Water based, plant extract
  • Does not burn scalp
  • Approved by medical board

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